Walk like a local anywhere in the world - go ahead, download Strydr and take your first stride!

Whether you consider yourself a pedestrian, rambler or simply someone who just prefers to walk  - this is the app for you.


Strydr's unique combination of features can not be found in any other iPhone app.

Destination Pointer

The pointer continuously points to your destination with or without a data connection, so you always know where you're heading.

Calendar routing

All your calendar event locations listed in-app, so you can quickly select your destination within seconds of taking your iPhone out.

Detours en route

Need something en route? coffee, food, painkillers, an ATM - all your options presented nearest you, your destination and along your route.

Offline mode

No data connection no problem. Strydr automatically identifies whether you have a data connection and works with your cached map and saved places.

Trip planner

Going on a business trip or vacation? Create a trip anywhere in the world by starring places you plan to visit and tagging them with the name of your trip.

Mark my spot

Mark your current location - perhaps your parked car or a group meeting point, then walk around in the knowledge you'll easily get back when you need to.


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Q: How is Strydr different from other travel or navigation apps?
A: Strydr’s combination of ‘destination pointer’, ‘detours en route’, ‘calendar routing’, ‘trip planner', ‘mark my spot’, 'share location' and offline features will not be found in any other navigation app and designed solely with the pedestrian and walker in mind.


Q: How can I be confident Strydr will deliver me a rich set of of search results?
A: Through the combination of the Apple Maps and Yelp APIs, Strydr searches tap into a huge library of addresses, places and businesses ensuring you’ll almost always find what you’re looking for.


Q: Why is the ‘destination pointer’ so important to pedestrian navigation vs car navigation?
A: Being oriented towards your destination 100% of the time is the most intuitive way to walk in the right direction whilst never getting lost. Always knowing the direction of your destination provides the flexibility to follow your iPhone's route or take a route of your choice - go walk up an alley or get off the main path and walk up a side road, the choice is yours.


Q: When using Strydr the pointer sometimes does not point in the right direction, why is this?
A: Strydr leverages GPS, mobile network and wireless network technology to position your location and heading in alignment with your destination. Occasionally, these technologies do not provide enough information for 100% accuracy. However, the good news is that the pointer will almost always be accurate enough to get you walking straight away, with the pointer accuracy quickly improving during your journey.


Q: When searching for a destination, the search is sometimes slow or delivers no results for a place or address that definitely exists, why is this?
A: There will be occasions when Strydr cannot locate the destination you are searching for. However, the more likely culprit is a poor or missing network connection and Strydr will suggest you check this. Be particularly careful of being automatically placed onto a wireless network that requires authentication. This will mean you do not have internet access until you authenticate.


Q: Why is it important that I have my Wifi turned on for location accuracy even if I am not connected to a wireless network?
A: Apple is able to leverage wireless hotspots to help triangulate your location even if you are not authenticated against these hotspots. When you have Wifi turned on though, be careful you are not auto logged on to hotspots that require authentication as this will mean you will lose data connectivity until you have authenticated.